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Warning that many children are admitted to the hospital due to daily-life accidents

The risk of accident anywhere at anytime

On 3 June, a 6-year-old boy who is from Nghe An, was admitted in the National Children’s Hospital in a state of severe cut on his right four fingers. The family said that the children were on vacation, so he went to the family’s milk tea shop for playing. On the evening of June 2, while the mother was busy selling goods and did not pay attention, the child put his glass into the milk tea stamping machine. The size of the glass is smaller than the milk tea cup’s one and it fell to the bottom, then the child tried to pick it up while the machine was stamping. Therefore, it resulted in cutting off 4 fingers of his right hand.

Right after the accident, the family preserved the severed knuckles in an ice box and took the child to a health center near the house for first aid and bleeding control. The child continued to be transferred to a provincial hospital. At 4:30 am on June 3, the child was transferred to the National Children’s Hospital for monitor and treatment.

“Unfortunately, due to the very small blood vessels of the third phalanx of the fingers, the wound is crushed and it took a long time for injury, we couldn’t connect the broken part of the 2, 3 knuckle of the finger I, II, III, IV for the child. The doctor conducted surgery to reconstruct the amputated finger for the child. Currently, after surgery and post-operative care, the patient’s health condition is stable. However, the loss of a child’s finger will affect the child’s aesthetics, his ability to work and integrate into life later on.” – Doctor Hoang Hai Duc said.

(PhD.Dr Hoang Hai Duc – Head of Peadiatric Orthopedics Department at the patient’s surgery)

Another current case is Nguyen Minh who is 6 years old living in Hanoi. The accident is that when the baby’s father was exercising on the treadmill at home, the child put his hand into the machine to play, but the father did not pay attention. Therefore, it led to the child’s hand to be strongly rubbed against the belt and the heat of the treadmill caused on skin burns on his right hand.

As the doctor who directly treated the pediatric patient, Dr. MA II Le Tuan Anh – Deputy Head of Pediatric Orthopedic Department said that the child was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of burn with level IV on the back of the right hand I, II, III, IV and signs of skin necrosis due to strong rubbing against the belt and the heat of the exercise machine. After being admitted to the hospital, the child was treated and cared for wounds everyda. When the skin was on the granulation tissue, the surgery was carried out. After surgery and post-operative care, the child’s health condition was stable. On June 7, the child was discharged from the hospital.

How to supervise and teach children skills to prevent from accidents

According to Dr.Hoang Hai Duc – Head of Pediatric Orthopedics Department of National Children’s Hospital, every year, especially in the summer, his department receives many cases of hospitalization due to daily life accidents with different degrees. Many cases of minor injuries can be recovered after treatment, but there are also serious irreversible injuries such as severed fingers, arms, hands, feet, toes, even accidents that endanger life.

Children are often hyperactive, running and jumping, curious to explore the surrounding environment, but they do not have the awareness and skills to prevent and avoid possible risks. Thus, they are easy to encounter accidents. To prevent accidental injury from children, parents need to assess and consider the child’s living environment, paying attention to any situations that may pose a risk to the child. For example, consider the things as glass objects, sharp objects; risk factors for burns such as boiling water, soup pot, boiling rice cooker, etc. near children’s play area. High-risk objects should be kept out of the reach of children and should be kept within the sight of adults at all times. When taking the child out of the familiar living environment, it is necessary to keep the child in the supervision and observation of adults.

“In addition, parents need to equip for children with the most basic knowledge and skills so that they can protect themselves against potential risks.” – Doctor Hoang Hai Duc added.

*Patient’s name has been changed.


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