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International cooperation in community health care activities

During the whole program, the delegation conducted general medical examination and in-depth examination of specialties such as Otolaryngology, Dermatology for over1000 children aged 0-15 years old, survey activities primary pediatric health care through parent and student evaluation sheets. 500 children aged 10 years and older were surveyed for psychological evaluation.During the medical examination, many diseases of respiratory, dermatology, malnutrition … were discovered. In particular, some cases of cardiovascular disease, infection, and severe psychological disturbance were transferred to a higher level for timely treatment.

Some beautiful pictures of the trip: Besides medical examination and treatment, the delegation also gave gifts and medicines to the children who came for examination, books, some tools to support first aid and initial medical examination for the delegation of Trung Nhi Hospital and Bac Ha Hospital. “We feel very secure and also feel the enthusiasm and responsibility of the young doctors of the National Children’s Hospital in the process of working with you. We are satisfied with the professional qualifications and very good communication ability of the young doctors. Hopefully in the future, GVI will have many cooperation programs with the National Children’s Hospital in programs for public health.” Dr. McConne, in charge of the medical team, shared.

After the program in Bac Ha, the delegation had time to visit the National Children’s Hospital, meet the hospital’s Board of Directors and share some lessons on the topic of Burns, Dermatology… for hospital residents. In addition, the delegation also visited a number of departments of the hospital, giving suggestions and sharing about medical examination and treatment activities at the hospital. In 2020, the delegation will continue to cooperate and support primary health care in localities for public health.

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